What Is A Bonus Code?

  • Posted on: 30 September 2017
  • By: admin
For starters, terms such as trading, stocks, bonuses, and several more can be a little confusing. For example, the words stock trading might be associated to forex trading interchangeably. Indeed, an accurate knowledge is significant in order to get the most out of your trading career. Here are some terminologies explained. If you are more curious about avatrade bonuscode then you can learn more about it on bonustipster.


It is the actual activity. The meaning of this term won’t go far from its literal definition. To trade means to exchange something to get something of more value to you. At this point, trading means exchanging services or funds for the purpose of getting a more valuable asset. The asset you acquired can then be used to buy additional assets or it can be sold as well.

Bonus Codes

A bonus code won’t go far from its literal meaning as well. It is a reward being awarded to those who deserve it. On the other hand, you have to enter the code provided before you get the value or the full amount of the reward. Bonuses may come in different forms – it can either be a discount, freebie, or additional funds.


The market is where the competition and trading takes place. It can be measured in a global scale. The market is very broad and in fact it can act on its own. Many economists even acknowledge the market as a living body. It is unpredictable, exciting, and fun. However, if you are into trading, you need to study well how it moves so you can make good trading decisions. There are other terms that you have to consider. Knowing the accurate meaning of each one will help you to become a successful trader – be it forex trading, stock trading, or binary options trading. It is a continuous learning until your equipped with trading knowledge.