Custom Life After The Loss

  • Posted on: 3 October 2017
  • By: admin

It has been a while that I isolated myself, I spent about a year of being alone and do not want to mingle with other people as I was depressed and mourning with the loss of my wife from a tragic car accident. I just go on my regular job, talk to my colleagues only talking about work, and I do not hang out with them anymore after office hours custom 1911 pistols me and my wife used to do before. My friends and co-workers are really worried about me and they tried to reach out but then I just wanted to be alone.

One day, when I was on my way to my apartment, I met a new neighbor bringing along a pistol and I gave him a strange look. He told me that it was a custom 1911 and he was into target shooting. We exchanged greetings and our names, and he invited me for a bottle of beer in his apartment. He invited me then to try shooting over the weekend for a breather and to try something new as I have told him about the loss of my wife a year ago. After that weekend, I sort of liked target shooting and he accompanied me to get my very own custom 1911 and we started spending more time together doing target shooting and also having a couple of beers on some random nights.

It turned out that he just got divorced from his wife as their marriage fall apart. After a while, our friendship flourished into a more meaningful one, more than what best friends would expect. Well, we just understand each other more than anybody else, and a few weeks later, we decide to share an apartment together and we experienced a deeper bond. Although we sometimes have our differences and arguments as well, but we usually end the day in a peaceful tone.