Portable Equipments For My Small Restaurant

  • Posted on: 4 October 2017
  • By: admin

I am not a chef, but a certified food lover and loves to eat, cook and experiment on food. I put up this small restaurant a few years back and employed some real chef to help me put up my menu and kitchen operations. I would be explaining to them what I want on my menu as we modify it every now and then. I would continue serving the best selling ones, and would replace the slow moving ones with a new menu. topicemakers.com has more information on the portable ice maker reviews.

Our restaurant is known for its fusion dishes, as there are a lot of foreigners in the vicinity and some locals that wanted something different. We would be full most of the nights, aside from it is a small quaint place, and we have already regular guests who keep on returning either to have their all time favorite orders or try our new dishes as well. As a wine enthusiast, we also have a wide selection of wines to go with each of the food menu that we have and we can suggest which wine would go well with the food you ordered.

As we are always full most of the times, I highly believe that the kitchen should be very efficient and I invested on some good equipments like theportable ice maker reviewsas it is just perfect for our small place. I am pretty sure the staff is happy with the investment that I made, as they are all smiles when I turned over the ice maker to them, and I told them to use it well. I also bought some other equipments that would make their job easier in the kitchen as I want the orders to be served quickly, but still with the best quality we can give as we have already established a good name in this business and would always want to keep the clients returning as always.