The Many Faces of Instagram

  • Posted on: 7 October 2017
  • By: admin

The success of Instagram did not come as a surprise because sharing photos today is already automatic. It’s as if, you owe it to the world to show those pictures and there is nothing wrong with it. It becomes a habit. Today, almost every millennial has their instagram photos posted and this is not going to stop anytime soon. Different photos, different faces and events all right at your fingertips! What else can be more rewarding than that? If you are more curious about instagram web viewer then you can learn more about it on

Since the photo-sharing is a “thing”, photo sharing apps like Picasa offers the most convenient way to view the pictures even without an instagram account. This feature is cool especially for those who are still having their doubts on creating their social media account.

So Why Do We Love to Share Our Photos?

It makes us more human – if a person shares a photo of a scene he witnessed – a sunset at the beach, people gathering for a common cause – we feel and share the same emotion. We feel the love and the pain, the struggle and the success

To create an impression – admit it, one of the reasons is for you to create an impression of who you are. Again, there is nothing with it because it is your own account and this is how you choose to live your life

Its fun – the last reason for sharing photos is because, it is fun! Just for the sake of it. Seeing instagram photos may look like a straightforward process, but the fun and excitement happens when someone you like starts following your photos. It can be your celebrity crush or an old friend

Welcome to the millennial world – the time in history when a simple photo can reach thousands to millions of people worldwide. This is the time when everything can happen so fast so the next time you post that instagram photo – ask yourself if you are ready to become the next trend.