Facts About European Fashion Designers

  • Posted on: 9 October 2017
  • By: admin
In the line of history of fashion trends and design, lifestyle fashion stores were very popular during the sixties where clothes line like Biba and Habitat has a huge collection of clothes for young people. Due to their large collection, their consumers are already thinking which one is better for them to come up with a single but the best design. Reference taken from here efashionmarket.us.

On the other hand, another brand name, Benetton, is on high street that offers colorful designs for the whole family. This means that the target consumers are collective but still the individual aspect. Even though they were successful in Britain, it failed to be popular on other countries.

History of Clothes Line

Due to the increasing competition on high street because a lot of European Fashion Designers were keeping up with the demand for fast fashion, they created collection extensions to let those who can afford more to be able to make them have limited-edition clothes.

Brands like H7M and Zara, the newly released designs of clothes are usually displayed on retail shelves within 3 weeks only, under the category of What’s New. Both of these brands are modern, up-to-date lifestyle but standard clothes for men, women and children.

Another brand that is popular, particularly on women’s clothes, is Mango. Even though it’s not as large as other clothes brand, it is still offers good quality clothes that is being patronized most especially in the UK.

Sometimes, a brand may have multiple branches in a country but located on different malls or places. If you try looking at each of them, you will see that they don’t resemble each other’s items, basically some of the items are only on stock on that particular store and not to any other branch. This is a marketing strategy they came up to the competitive world of fashion.