How Do You Apply For Financial Aid For brim 2018

  • Posted on: 9 October 2017
  • By: admin

Before knowing how to, one must first know what is br1m and how it started to be. So, br1m is a financial aid offered by the government of Malaysia to rakyats who are having trouble coping up with the cost of living in the said country. The aid is available to any man and woman who are head of their household and has dependent with them and which household income is RM 4000 and below. You can find more details on brim 2018 on the site

Specific People Eligible To Receive The Aid

The following people are those which are eligible to receive the financial aid set out by the government along with the respective amounts. (Disclaimer: This budget has been updated for 2017; the brim 2018 budget is yet to be released so variations on the amount may occur depending on the result of the decision)

1. Senior Citizen – RM 1000
2. Single persons with dependents – RM 450 which is received on a one time basis every February.
3. Ekasih Household income which is less than 1000 and Household income of below 3000 is given RM 1200 and is distributed thrice a year at RM400 per distributing month.
4. Household Income above 3000 but less than 4000 shall receive RM 900 per year or RM 300 per distributing month.

How To Apply?

For families and individuals who have already applied for br1m in the previous years are automatically eligible for the financial aid and need not apply for the current year, however, they are encouraged to update their information regularly. For new applicants, application can be done both online and offline but it is not always open which is why you have to follow them on their social media account so that you will be kept posted as to when the application pertaining to next year’s financial aid would start.