Who Will Benefit On Brim 2018

  • Posted on: 11 October 2017
  • By: admin

Economic crisis is worldwide and because of that, more and more people are suffering from poverty. Children are forced to work at young age, parents are working multiple jobs at the same time or any other gimmick that you can think of just so they can sustain their family. bantuanrakyat1malaysia.com offers some in-depth insights on brim 2018.

In Malaysia, they want to make sure that all the family is able to have access on any goods or services by implementing brim 2018, a program that assists those in lower class of the society to pay using their cash.

Why Is It Good

Due to a lot of reasons, some services would only allow you to pay using credit card and this is unfair for those who are poor since they don’t have one, taking away their right on that particular service. What if it is emergency? Do they still need to look for a credit card or bank account?

That is why the Malaysian government decided to pursue this program. They want to assure that each family, as long as they have the money to provide for it, will not be stripped away the right to access or purchase goods and services. By providing assistance to those people, the government plans to use their money and give them the necessary thing they need.

Basically speaking, this is a program that equalizes people in terms of access to the goods and services. Since the upper class of the society is having the luxury to enjoy things, the government wants to make sure that even the lower income class will also be able to have a taste on what it is.

This program of Malaysian government is being supported by a lot of people, even those of the higher class of the society since they can also benefit from it by the efficiency of paying it provides.