Maxicab Singapore: The Facts You Should Know

  • Posted on: 16 October 2017
  • By: admin

Living in Singapore is possibly one of the most outstanding events that can happen to someone’s life. Of course, you may feel a little homesick and hesitant because the place is new and unfamiliar. Nevertheless, a person is only able to really grow when they fly away from their comfort zone.

This is the kind of professional and personal opportunity you have been yearning for, now, it is time for you to prepare yourself for what you may expect and how to travel without troubles in Singapore. has more information on the maxicab singapore.

The Language Barrier

True enough, this is often the reason why people hesitate to leave their countries and explore new and better horizons. The fear of language barrier is quite intense, because what if you get lost on your way and nobody can assist you accordingly. It will leave you incredibly helpless. However, you could avoid such occurrence by reserving a taxi limousine from maxicab Singapore.

Facts on the Company

A taxi services company established in Hougang, Singapore, and operative for many years has gained impressive reviews from their passengers because of the chauffers’ honesty and prioritizing their responsibilities for their commuters. When you book for an airport arrival transfer, it is a meet and greets service that will cost you only S$65.00 that is the whole package of fetching you from the airport and getting you to your hotel or newly acquired home or studio.

The metered service rates are from S$10.00 for current booking, which means, you called to obtain a taxi as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is
S$18.00 for the advanced booking. When you board into the taxi, the fee starts at S$3.90 and subsequent meter fare for every 350 to 400 meters or less than after 10km is S$0.30. There are applicable surcharges for peak hours, public holidays, late night, toll charges, Sentosa, and others.